autonomous self-sufficient building system



We have developed an affordable and self-suporting system for countries and regions in need of basic housing. The intention is that both the building and the installations themselves provide several facilities, such as green energy and clean drinking water.

Examples of applications to achieve that objective:

• Solar cells provide energy for cooling, cooking, lighting, appliances such as TV, washing machine, filters and pumps
• Heat return from the equipment and solar panels provide hot water
• Mini biogas plant produces gas for cooking and lighting possibility
• Water condensed from the air by a water generator
• Water, stored from the shower and the washing machine, used for toilet flushing


The plot is prepared locally with water storage, septic and settling tank, cellar, foundations and terraces. A modular building system is constructed on the foundation, which provides the basic unit with modern plumbing, kitchen and bedroom. The septic tank is equipped as a mini-biogas plant and water storage is provided by pumps and filters.

The basic unit can be expanded both horizontally and vertically with modular function units. The combination of units is provided with a rain water storage and a tropical roof and it is equipped with cooled solar panels.


Functions for combination units may include; housing, retail, school, hospital, business, health & care, technical and agricultural.



Olthaar Ontwerpen



process stage

  • concept

project type

exterieur en interieur nieuwbouw

floor area

500-1.000 sqm

handing over



  • Achterbosch Architectuur
  • DKC
  • Goudstikker - de Vries
  • ITS
  • Physixfactor
  • WD Bouwconsultancy